Spicy Shrimp(Prawns) Curry




Farm raised Shrimp(Prawns) – 1Lbs
Cooking Onions – 2 Cups – chopped Nicely
Tomatoes – 1 Cup – Chopped Nicely
Fresh Cilantro Leaves – 1 Cup
Fresh Mint leaves – 1 Cup
2Tblsp – Sunflower/Cooking oil
1 Tblsp – Ginger-Garlic Paste
1tsp – Turmeric Powder
2tsp – Red chilli powder
2tsp – Coriander Powder
1tsp – salt
1cup – water

Method –

-Heat oil in a thick bottomed pan.
-Add onions and saute till they turn light brown. Add tomatoes and cook for a few minutes, till tomatoes turn soft and mushy.
-Add ginger garlic paste and stir and close the lid.Cook for 5 minutes.
-Then add cilantro and mint leaves and cook for 10 minutes till the leaves get cooked well.
-Add salt, turmeric, red chilli and coriander powder. Mix well and cook for 5 minutes.
-Now,add shrimp and water. Mix well and close the lid.
-Cook on medium heat for 15 minutes.
-Taste and add salt as needed. Cook without lid till gravy becomes thicker for another 15 minutes.

Serve hot with Rice, Roti(Indian Flat Bread) and Dosa (Lentil Pancakes).


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