Understanding – Your own limits and boundaries

The essence of this post is simple. How can you define your own limits and boundaries. I know, we have all read and heard countless times the inspirational and philosophical articles and speeches on “Nothing is impossible” or “Anything can be done” or “Achieving the impossible” and so on and so forth. Now, I am not saying that this is not possible..but how much is too much for you? Now that is the question. Everyone has dreams and ideas of what they want to do and what they want to be at some point in their life. The goal is not to achieve the impossible, but to learn how much can be achieved and at what cost.

I have dreams of writing a book… but I understand that my talent in writing, has not yet evolved to a level that can be called as book writing. This does not mean I can never write a book… it just means that I need to work harder or set myself a more achievable goal like say writing articles, or maybe short stories. I will still be doing something I love, which is writing but maybe not on a grand scale such as publishing a book. This has by no means, diminished my talent in any way, nor is it a setback in my life and nor will I ever consider this as one.

People all over, have unrealistic goals and expectations, which are usually the result of someone else’s achievements. The neighbour kid, who has just turned 16 is already competing in National level Music Challenges, this does not mean that everyone can. Those who have talent, can certainly strive to do so, but never because someone else is doing it. The reason for so many disappointments for so many people is all because of unrealistic expectations. There is absolutely nothing wrong in modifying your goal once you realise that what you have started is either too much or stretching the limits of your boundaries. For eg. A person’s goal is to scale Mount Everest. To do so, would require him/her to travel for months on end on physical and mental training, not to mention emotional. Now, if that person has a 3-year-old daughter who needs them, then achieving their goal to the point of sacrificing the time spent with their child is pointless. You may or may not scale Mount Everest in future but your child will only be 3 once, and he/she should take precedence over everything else. If mountain climbing is something that you love, it can be done on a small-scale, that does not require so much of time away from the people who need you. And someday, you might achieve your goal as well, but understand the timing too.So, understanding your boundaries and making a conscious choice to how much can be achieved at what time is very important, especially for those who face many disappointments.

To temper your goal choices with moderation and practicality will always help in every scenario. At least this is what I think…Everyone should have goals and should achieve them of course, but do so in the right time, with proper understanding of your own strengths, limits and boundaries.



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